Our Rooms – Toddlers


Toddlers progress through three rooms as they develop, starting in Birch room, then Cedar and on to Maple. Each area is tailored to provide relevant experiences in a homely setting, to satisfy their ever-increasing thirst for learning about their world.

Older babies move from Willow or join directly into Birch, our young toddler room, when they are developmentally ready. Some will be taking early steps, whilst others may not yet be walking. They slowly adjust to a slightly more structured routine, in which their care is the central focus, allowing for plenty of cuddles and lots of play.


The planning for this age provides plenty of activity stations for your child to explore and investigate, both indoors and out. The activities are adapted so that all children can have the opportunity to participate and develop their skills.

Our Birch room is equipped with toddler chairs and child-height tables, where children are able to self-feed with support, further promoting independence.  There is a nappy changing unit and a child-height sink to encourage hand washing and health awareness. Over the lunchtime period the room is adapted to a calm sleeping environment.

When they are ready, older toddlers move from Birch to Cedar.

Activities in Cedar room are planned to extend each child’s interest and learning in an environment that invites children to explore, investigate and question the activities, resources and experiences they encounter throughout the day. As they transition into Cedar room, the children are becoming inquisitive and asking questions such as, “Why?”

In Cedar, children continue to develop their social skills with lunch around a shared table, on child-height chairs; they take a nap after lunch and use the downstairs bathroom for their nappy changes and early toilet training. There is plenty of time for play, indoors and out, with activities to stimulate their minds and senses, as well as to use some of their boundless energy.

lightboxThe next stage for older toddlers is to move to early pre-school, in our Maple room upstairs. Children in Maple room are beginning to understand the power of language and are given many opportunities and experiences to encourage them to build their vocabulary and knowledge.

The activities support their early discovery of imaginative play and their natural curiosity about their environment.  Children are encouraged to initiate spontaneous play, indoors and out, supported by additional key resources in the form of art, sand, water, small world and role play.

Maple room is equipped with open chairs, child-height tables and a drinking water station to encourage the children to respond to their personal needs. There is direct access to a fully equipped bathroom. All children are encouraged to have a sleep at lunchtime.

From Maple there is a natural transition to our preschool.

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