Our Rooms – Pre-School


Around the age of three, when your child is ready to enjoy the challenges of our younger pre-school room, they join our Oak room where the environment and activities develop their skills of independence, investigation and discovery, extending their thinking of why, how and ‘What if?’.  The team encourage the children to feel confident, to work alone and in a group, able to think through and to share their ideas and to problem-solve together.

The activities are planned to be highly relevant to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Our expertise in planning ensures that we incorporate spontaneous learning opportunities based on the children’s interests and needs both at Nursery and at home.  It is effective and flexible in helping each child enjoy and achieve, with child-initiated activities evident at all times.

As the children reach their final pre-school year they move through to Elm room. The activities and experiences ensure your child will be prepared for their journey to school, making this landmark transition smooth and natural for your child.  They gain confidence in demonstrating the key skills of independence, learning, play and social interaction.

Preschool setup map

Children in Elm develop their communication skills, using sentences which are descriptive and more complex, while practitioners use open-ended questions to engage the children and to enthuse their curiosity.

Children in Elm and Oak rooms who wish to sleep or rest can do so after the lunchtime period, and if they choose not to they will enjoy plenty of play activities, both indoor and out.

Our aim for all children is to provide them with opportunities and experiences throughout their Nursery journey, so that they have the skills and self-esteem to move on confidently to the next stage of their development and education.

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