Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Philosophy - Child with bricksHarlequin Childcare welcomes you and your child to a safe and stimulating environment where exploration, enquiry and discovery occur continually throughout their day, nurtured by our genuinely child-led ethos.

Our heuristic approach to activities and experiences allows each child to explore objects from the “real” world, for example using natural objects which are found in every home to develop hand-eye coordination and sensory stimulation.

Throughout the Nursery we have treasure baskets and boxes; these include objects made from natural materials such as wood, metal and textiles forming the basis of activities including exploring soil, making marks in flour with twigs and investigating ice to name but a few.

Our natural theme continues into the garden, extending each child’s learning environment.  Children enjoy the garden in all weathers and during the warmer months they spend significant amounts of the day enjoying this special place.

We have a unique planning system that incorporates each child’s individual needs within a chosen theme. This planning aims to extend your child’s natural curiosity by observing their interests and achievements.  Our highly skilled practitioners use these observations to develop your child’s next step in their learning journey.  We encourage parental involvement by asking you to share your child’s development and home interests with the nursery, enabling us to incorporate this into their Nursery day.


We capture each child’s personal learning journey on their individual Profile, using photographs and observations linked to the seven areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).  This record of achievement is held in your child’s personal folder and follows them through each room at the Nursery.

Our parent partnership has many benefits, not least of which is to demonstrate to you our positive and child-centric ethos so that you feel confident in entrusting us with their care.

Our underlying philosophy is based on the Reggio Emilia approach which focuses on each child’s right to realise and expand their potential, with expressive art being a key vehicle to achieve this.