Our Environment

Our Environment

EnvironmentAt Harlequin Childcare we have designed the rooms to be light, airy and spacious whilst still allowing for the homely environment.  Where appropriate the rooms are open plan, so that each child is comfortable in every room and with all team members.

Each child’s work is displayed in many different ways in the rooms and we invite you to celebrate their achievements with us to encourage their pride in all that they do.

We have six base rooms: three downstairs and three upstairs.  The rooms are furnished appropriately to take into account the children’s age and developmental needs and skills. Most resources are stored at child height enabling children to access toys and equipment to encourage their interest and extend their learning.  This supports the Nursery’s child-led ethos and the opportunity for spontaneous play.

Your child will be part of a small group of children of approximately the same age and development, based in an age-appropriate room with dedicated practitioners so that your child sees familiar faces and places every time they are at the Nursery.  Each child is allocated a key worker to support you and your child at the Nursery.

On joining the Nursery, and as they move into new rooms in line with their individual development, we support them with carefully-planned settling in sessions tailored for their unique needs. This is a flexible and gradual process, determined by your child’s response to their new environment.

The team at Harlequin Childcare work within the Early Years Foundation Stage to provide holistic care and opportunities to develop in the seven ‘Areas of Learning and Development’.

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