World Earth Day

To celebrate World Earth Day , we have been looking at ways to recycle and reuse in our activities within nursery.  We have used newspapers to be creative with marks and to explore other ways to use it, our older children made their own newspaper balls for target throwing, and our younger babies explored newspaper hangings. We learnt a recycle song to help us understand the importance of caring for our world. We upcycled milk bottles into watering cans to water the herbs we are growing.  We explored natural objects from our environments and their textures.  For our long term nursery environmental plan we have changed the way we recycle adding plastic, tins and packaging.

Harlequin rocks!

We have been participating in the community project of #elyrocks.

To start us on our adventure we found a Humpty Dumpty rock on our doorstep, this inspired us as a nursery to create our own pieces of art to hide around our city involving our parents.

The children from all rooms have had fun creating art on their rocks – using pens, paint and glitter!

The babies in Willow room took part by finger-painting their rock.

These rocks have then been hide in the community for rock hunters to find!

3 Little Pigs

Our Oak children have been busy exploring houses and buildings inspired by the 3 Little Pigs story.  They have explored sticks and bricks, created enclosures for the play animals and have joined in we the repeated phrase ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’. In the garden the children worked together to see if they could blow the nursery down, when it didn’t worked they tried to push it down.  Linking this to home each child has sent in a photograph of their house, they been looking at their numbers and colours on the door, how many windows and explain whats behind each window.


This month the children have been exploring Autumn and it’s many festivals.

For Diwali and Guy Fawkes, the children explored the colour and sounds of fireworks through paints, sensory trays and  movement.

Collecting for Ely Food Bank, parents and children brought in their harvest collection. In the rooms the children created extension paintings of Harvest scenes and investigated the shapes, colours and textures of Autumnal vegetables. 

The children the last few days have been creating paintings of poppies for our Remembrance Day display.

Our baby peacocks!

Over the past few weeks, we have been awaiting the arrival on our little baby peacocks.

The children have been watching the eggs in the incubator, and over the weekend we have two baby peacocks!

One of the peacocks needed a bit of help as he/she has a poorly leg.

The children have been watching the peacocks resting, eating and walking in the garden.

Wedding Week

Our Elm children have thoroughly enjoyed our wedding week, celebrating one of our Elm team’s wedding.  Our parents shared photographs of their weddings, we have been writing guest lists, menus and organising table plans.  We have been dancing, dressing up in our wedding outfits – we looked beautiful.


Red Nose Day – Penny Line

Our Elm children supported Red Nose Day by donating pennies from home.  Using the pennies  we made a long penny line across the room, each day the line got longer and the children helped to count each penny.  The children explored the pennies in many ways, they used mark making to tally up amounts, to put pennies into shapes and to match the pennies with numerals.  The whole nursery joined in the fun with wearing red, joining in with lots of red activities and having a cake sale.  In total we raised £185 for this great cause.

DSC06119 DSC06210 DSC06216 DSC06228 DSC06259

Christmas 2016

There has been a wonderful Christmas atmosphere around the nursery, with lots of glitter and sparkle. The children have been exploring Christmas items and been busy creating cards and presents for their families.  In Elm room the children used a basket of Christmas items and blue rice to arrange a frosty scene on the lightbox which was photographed for their cards – each one was unique and looked stunning. dsc05131 dsc05109 dsc05107