Our Rooms – Babies  


Willow is home to our youngest children and their routine follows your routine at home.  Your baby is expertly cared for by dedicated practitioners who specialise in working with Under Twos, with every moment tailored to the individual care and nurture of your child.  We provide a gentle, loving, homely environment in which your baby will thrive.

Our Willow room is carefully designed to provide a variety of activities to stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage new skills by the use of treasure baskets and messy play, whilst ensuring their specific individual needs are continuously met.

girlThe room is fully equipped with cots, crawl-in beds and sleep mats along with baby-friendly chairs so that they can be fed around a table, encouraging social skills and early self-feeding.  There is a comfortable nappy changing station in the room.

In keeping with our philosophy of encouraging exploration outdoors and indoors, we have created a dedicated outside space for our babies. This area is exclusively for babies in Willow, so that they can enjoy carefully-monitored freedom in the outdoor environment.

When your baby is ready, they will progress to our young toddler room, Birch, where they will continue their exciting journey of discovery and development.

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